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Do's when you receive your plants ...

Woo hoo your plant babies have arrived safely. Now what? Here are some steps to follow and a few plant tips to keep your new friend happy and healthy. 

1. Bring them inside. If the delivery is left outside bring them in and bring them to room temperature. This is especially important during those colder months. 

2.Unbox! Carefully unwrap your plants and give them some light and air! 

3. Give them a good glance - carefully inspect your plants to make sure everything is all right. Plants can lose a few leaves during shipping and handling - this is normal. If you are at all concerned about the overall health or quality of your plant take pictures right away and contact us at We'll do our best to make it right! 

Now that we're all unpacked, what's next?

1. Water - give your new friends a little drink. We do our best to not water before shipping to avoid any moisture issues on their journey. 

2. Repot - feel free to repot your new friends after a week or two of them getting climatized to their new environment. 

3. Decorate! Put them in their new permanent spot. Send us a plant selfie - we love to share your pictures! 

4. Sit back and enjoy getting to know your new friends! 

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about plant care. We'd love to hear from you and we're happy to help! 

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