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How to pick a houseplant?

So you want to start or add to your indoor oasis?

Houseplants not only add to your aesthetic but they provide immense health benefits. They can be super air purifiers, provide better sleep, a happier and more relaxed space and better productivity. 

Not only are they a good fit for your home but also great in the office. Here is a simple list to check before selecting your new addition: 

  • Your space: Think about how much space you have and where you envision your new plant to go. What would work best? Hanging plants, floor plants, tabletop or shelf. 
  • Light source: Light plays a large role in what plants make sense in your space. Use our recommendations to find the right match. 
  • Consider your schedule: Look for plants that fit your routine. If you're always on the go pick something that doesn't mind being ignored. Jake the snake plant would be your perfect match. Check product descriptions for watering recommendations. 
  • Pets and Children: Make sure you choose a plant that is friendly and keep them out of reach. Look our for our 'Pet Approved' badge to help!
  • Most important your STYLE: What's the look you're going for? Are you creating a dreamy boho space or are you more modern and chic? 

Still not sure? Feel free to reach out to us. We're happy to help you find your perfect match!

Happy Plant Shopping! 


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