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Houseplant Trends for 2022

Houseplants and all things plants have exploded last year! With more of us staying at home we're all looking for how to create a more green space. 

So it's no surprise that houseplants are continuing to surge in popularity in 2022. 

Whether you're a pandemic plant parent or a plant enthusiast here are the trends to watch. 

Alocasia - Alocasia's have made their way onto every insta worthy page. They are unique and come in all shapes, sizes and colors

Extra large houseplants - 2022 is all about making a statement, many of us will go BIG with our houseplants. Large varieties like Fiddle Leaf Fig and Monstera will continue to be on the must haves lists. 

Birds of Paradise - Speaking of large plants, tried and true Birds of Paradise will continue to be tops in 2022. 

Parlour Palms - These beauties will remain a favourite for their low maintenance and jungle vibes. 

Trailing Plants - All things that vine are a must for 2022. Think Pothos, Philodendrons and String of Hearts. 

We can't wait to see what plants grow to the top of must haves this 2022.

What plant are you wishing for this year? 





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