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Seeking help with seasonal depression? Time to put out a plant SOS!

With the time change and our days becoming shorter, colder and grey it's not unusual to feel a little glum. 

Our moods are closely connected to the change of season. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of seasonal depression that tends to occur as we get less sunlight in the fall and winter. 

How can plants help?

Since we spend so much time indoors in the fall and winter months a houseplants urban oasis can really help to boost our spirits. We can create a place of calmness that aids with seasonal depression. 

Here are some of the benefits of these plants babies: 

  • Improve mood - research has shown keeping your connection to plants and nature works wonders to quickly improve your overall mood. When you garden inside you bring the greenery to you! It's a great option for someone who lives in a city or doesn't have access to green space. Doctor's have been recommending this as a solution for depression and anxiety as a holistic solution for quite some time. 
  • Remove toxins from the air - breathing easier can help encourage a better nights sleep, which can break the cycle of exhaustion and fatigue. The air purifying quality of houseplants is so important NASA has done studies on them. 
  • Keep your connection with nature and remind yourself of spring - Circadian rhythms play such a huge part in our seasonal depression, many people need to spend time connected to nature. Bringing plants into your home is such a great option, they provide a reminder of the spring to come. 

Some of our favourites to get started: 

Snake plant Jake 

Spider plant Grace

Monstera Valentina 

Birds of Paradise Oliver 

Is there anything plants don't do? Let's get started on your indoor garden! 


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